About 59S

The Pioneer of LED Sterilization
#1 UV LED Company in Global

•The FIRST company to MP UVC LED sterilization products
•1 out of 2 UV LED beads made in the World is from 59S
•1000+ employees

59S product line

59S Brand Concept

59S Means EASY

Means a kind of life attitude

Means EasyLove

Life is busy, always. We don’t have enough time But EVERYONE can take 59 seconds to give love to yourself and your family. Love is very simple, You only need 59S


59S is the Pioneer of UV LED Sterilization in global. The First Company to make LED Sterilization products MP successfully 1 out every 2 LED beads made in the World are from 59S

The Meaning of 59S LED Sterilization: MAKE STERILIZATION EASY

Leave Mom’s “hands-free” Set Mom’s worry-free for children’s health Protecting Kids becomes easier from now on.

59S Vision

Make Sterilization as EASY as washing hands

Everyone can afford it

Everyone would like to use Less disease for everyone

59S Brand Proposition

59S Never advocates excessive sterilization, We Just make sterilization easier for those necessary sterilization demands

Like W.H.O. advocates everyone to wash hands often, 59S reduces the harm of germs and lessens the disease for people.


59S in countries

59S X+ project

For B2B Collaboration, Please contact:rick.wu@59second.com

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